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by OP098 on 18 September 2023 - 28 views - 0 comments
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A Peck Of Dirt - Iray Ground and Dirt Shaders For Daz Studio

A Peck Of Dirt - Iray Ground and Dirt Shaders For Daz Studio
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A Peck of Dirt is a big bundle of 38 ground, dirt and soil shaders in high-resolution, backed up by a whopping 40 utility settings to give you wonderful, realistic, dirty ground planes, landscape bases and some where to plant your digital grass, flowers and trees!

Dig deep in to this great bundle and you'll find both simple single layer high-resolution shaders, which are a very solid foundation for any of your characters or props to stand on or grow in, but also a set of high-detail layered Iray shaders which can further be adjusted to alter the tiling of the individual layers (extra dirt/leaves/moss) using the great set of easy to spot and use utility presents crafted to go with them!

Apply in just a few clicks and you can have the perfect foundation from which your digital plants, animals, buildings and people will flourish! Great for close up shots and wonderful for full scenes , these soil, sand and dirt shaders wont let you down.

**Handy Hint - The single layer shaders come with their own set of utility settings for scale, sub division (should you choose to apply it - which for close up shots is a must!),displacement and of course tiling. These same pre-sets are mirrored for the layered shader pre-sets but for them you must use the layer shader utility pre-sets - along with the tiling adjustments for individual layers. The first two of which are labeled for moss and leaves (or extra dirt on non mossy or leafy shaders) the third layer in most of the shaders is left blank, is used in 'leaflitter 3' and 'patchy sward' to give that little bit extra detail.

**More Handy Hints - The layered shader only appear as rendered in the Iray prevue and needs to be adjusted and checked with this mode, as the view presented in the Texture Shaded preview mode will not be accurate and may indeed look very odd. This is due to the different way in which this shader works compared with non layered Iray Shaders.

With A Peck Of Dirt Shaders for Iray you can bury your self in your digital creations, give that close up shot the definition it deserves, and find the perfect growing medium for those plants!

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