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Udemy – Blender 4.0.2 Edit Mode for Beginners

Udemy – Blender 4.0.2 Edit Mode for Beginners
Udemy – Blender 4.0.2 Edit Mode for Beginners
Duration 4h 48m Project Files Included MP4

Welcome, new Blender user. If you are concerned about hotkeys, you can conduct a Google search, be sure to pick – IMAGES. You should find Blender hotkey cheat sheets. The infographic types may be the best.

Like most other programs, you find it on a website, download the current, or usable version, install it, open it and get started. Blender is no different. I use a PC; the file type I download is .msi.

Blender updates are legendary.

This course was made using 4.0.2. When this course is outdated, if you want to use this version, go to the Blender download website, now click the button for the current rendition.

However, you're looking for Previous Versions.

You'll find the Index of Releases, or you could use an internet search, try typing in Blender Index of Release(s).

Here, you'll see a long list of Blender. I usually, download the .msi file. (find which file is good for you).

On the other hand, Blender seldom changes anything in edit mode. Matter of fact, the latest editing update was adding a manual, numerical control to Proportional editing.

In a nutshell, as long as Blender does not change the basics of edit mode, you should be golden, despite the Blender version.

This course introduces you to edit mode. Yes, edit mode is the editor where you'll mainly focus your attention. Not to mention, it contains, possibly, the most hotkeys.

Of course, you do not need to use hotkeys for – anything.much.

Every tool and hotkey will not be used, because all of them aren't necessary to create your primitive person.

Even with the subject matter of the course, the repetition of the using basic editing tools will boost your muscle memory.

REFERENCE IMAGES: *do not forget to search for a hand and foot image.

First things first, you will find images where the "persons" legs are close together, realistic or drawings. You may want to avoid those image types. I'm not saying you can not make adjustments to the image(s) in Blender, but it's easier to find an image with the legs apart, even slightly.

Finding images from the internet can prove easy or end up being, a real task.

Here are some keywords to try: 3d full body turnarounds, 2d full body turnarounds, 3d model turnarounds, turnarounds for 3d modeling, reference images for 3d character turnarounds, realistic full body turnarounds.hand and foot references, etc.

Depending on your search engine and "safe" settings, you may get various results.

If I find an internet image, there's no guarantee you can acquire the same image I use. That's why I think it best for each student to get something just for them. Plus, it provides a bit of a challenge.

Absolutely, I could've hand drawn a lady or guy, then scanned into the pc, but I believe the searching method was best for this project, since it's not custom, or specific.

The images I'm using are from Renderhub.

They say, after purchasing a texture pack, the purchaser can do almost anything they want with the image(s).not reselling, of course, as long as it is not in the original download.

An example being, I thought about cropping the images and providing them for you. But I need to look into Renderhub's copyright a little more.

Recently, about six months or so ago and as of writing this description, Renderhub has a finally updated a few texture packs with models who come with clothing.

For the most part Renderhub's texture packs are – nude – male and female.

The lady I'm modeling from is ANNELI. At the time of purchase, December 2023, her texture pack was about $26 USD.also, Katy Rose and Lan. (with clothes).

Moving on, hopefully, I can and will create more content for you to hone your 3d skills.


Who this course is for:
Potential, new Blender user who wants to get accustomed with this software, without being overwhelmed by technical explanations, or creating a subject that's difficult to follow.

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