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by cod2war on 02 February 2024 - 119 views - 0 comments
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Udemy – Learn To Create A Pong Game In Unity & C#

Udemy – Learn To Create A Pong Game In Unity & C#
Udemy – Learn To Create A Pong Game In Unity & C#
Duration 1h 44m MP4

What you'll learn
Students will learn Unity game development and C# programming through hands-on experience creating a Pong game, covering physics, scripting, and testing.
Define Pong game scope, identify risks (tech, schedule, resources), prioritize, use agile methods, document, iterate for success.
Build Pong in Unity: 2D setup, paddles with movement, ball collision, scoring UI. Input, tags, GameManager for scoring. Add sound and game over.

Embark on a thrilling odyssey into the dynamic realms of game development as we journey through the creation of your very own captivating Pong game using Unity. This course isn't just a stroll through programming concepts; it's an immersive dive into the heart of practical game design applications. Unity, the powerhouse embraced by industry giants and independent developers globally, becomes our playground, offering an expansive canvas for creativity. Throughout the learning process, you'll not only comprehend the intricacies of Unity but also witness the transformation of abstract programming principles into tangible gaming experiences.

What sets this course apart is its commitment to fostering a collaborative learning environment. Engage in lively discussions within our dedicated course forum, a space where questions find answers, ideas flourish, and challenges transform into shared triumphs. Whether you're a coding novice venturing into the world of game development, an artist seeking to amplify your skills, or a seasoned programmer yearning for a deeper understanding of game design intricacies, this course is crafted to cater to diverse learning styles.

Imagine the thrill of creating a functional Pong game, where each line of code becomes a stroke of creativity. As we conclude this transformative journey, you won't just carry a finished game; you'll possess a richer comprehension of the dynamic processes shaping the gaming universe. Your toolkit extends beyond technical skills; it includes a network of fellow explorers and a passion for game development ready to ignite new possibilities. Get ready to level up — let's make this learning adventure truly unforgettable!

Who this course is for:
People who want to learn to create pong game in unity or c#

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